“When a bird is alive, eating ants. When the bird is dead, the ants eat him. The time and circumstances can change at any time. Do not underestimate or hurt anyone. You may be powerful today, but remember that time is more powerful than you.

It takes only a tree to make a million matches and one match to burn a million trees.

Be good and do good for yourself and others ”

Prevention, tells us that we have as workers, someone who tells us how we should implement appropriate measures for safe work and how to use the means that we are delivered.

Prevent, not just for a few, it is for each and every one of the people who developed it or not, a task or job to job or personal level. We must never underestimate the time we can be with your feet firmly on the ground, do not underestimate a second that we have to go from, to no longer be present in the world.

It is important to know that Karma “is not revenge of the Universe” is a reflection of your actions. Take them safely for you and for others.

Karma has no menu, it served us what we deserve, so we have to put the means to be exceptional, take action and get …

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